GEA Denco saves the Planet with low energy Ambicools

GEA Denco have recently completed a project with our partners Secure IT Environments Ltd for a data centre in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

The project consisted of 3No GEA Denco downflow D37FVH close control freecool AHUs' c/w 3 No GEA Searle 12 pole drycoolers. (Download product guide)

The design brief was to achieve the best possible energy efficiency. This was achieved by using GEA Denco D37FVH Ambicool freecooling units. These systems utilise indirect freecooling for approximately 50% of the year with partial freecooling for 30%. Full DX cooling will only be required for about 20%.

The DX compressors fitted utilise GEA Dencos' VRF energy saving technology giving a compressor COP (Coefficient of Performance) of 5.0, further enhancing energy savings.

Further savings were also achieved by fitting high quality EBM Papst plug fans with  Electronically Commutated (EC) motors in the D37FVH units, reducing the energy required to move air around the data centre to cool it.

The 12 pole drycooler fans use a fraction of the energy of standard 6 pole drycoolers to reject the heat outside whist still being whisper quiet.

Pictures show the external 3No drycoolers + multi pumpset designed and installed by GEA Denco central division contract team. (Click to enlarge)

For more information please contact: 01423 277277 (Head office)

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